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Vines of French origin in the Piacenza area

The particular conditions of the Val Tidone territory favour the production of grapes with extraordinary organoleptic characteristics, which, thanks to the historical winemaking tradition of the area – already documented in the early decades of the 19th century – and the great passion of the Travini family, give life to high quality wines, appreciated all over the world.

Vine varieties

Our grapes

The varieties of vines grown in the 30 hectares of our vineyards are composed as follows: 55% Syrah15% Marsanne15% Chardonnay15% Pinot Noir.

The grapes we grow have extraordinary peculiarities thanks to the characteristics of the territory and the ecosystem of the area. In fact, the hills are well exposed to the west, south-west and east and therefore are protected from cold atmospheric currents and humidity. Other significant factors are the slope of the land on which the vineyards are planted and the high daily ranges of temperature. 

The vine shoots are all selected in Burgundy and Champagne. The vine training systems are the simple Guyot and the spurred cordon with an average of about 5000 plants per hectare in which, after thinning, the quantity of grapes per vine stock amounts to 700/800 grams.

High quality wines

Sparkling and still wines

The grape production of the estate results into a few labels of great quality: three sparkling wines produced with the classic method (Extra Brut, Brut Rosé, Brut 412) and two still wines (Gandinaia and Pietragaia).

Harvesting is carried out manually and meticulously to allow an accurate selection. Small quantities of bunches are gently placed in wooden boxes to avoid their squashing and to preserve intact their valuable natural characteristics. At this point, with the same care, the fruits of our vineyards are taken to the winery to start the crushing on the same day.

Production process

Technology at the service of tradition

The dedication and care put into every step of the production process, along with the use of the most advanced technology and the respect of ancient traditions, they are the added value that distinguishes the production of our wines.

We have recently introduced a new production management system to monitor and follow wirelessly the stages of wine processing in real time, aimed to fully bring out the organoleptic characteristics of the product and ensure high yields at high quality levels.

Tradition and innovation

Excellent quality wine production

Tradition and innovation have always been the cornerstones on which the Travini family’s work and philosophy are based.

Our care and dedication allow the estate to continue a history full of passion and initiative, in a territory where the local production is becoming increasingly important day after day.

The future goal is to continue guaranteeing quality and exclusivity, with the ambition of becoming an authentic point of reference for local winemaking and beyond.

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