Vino Bianco Pietragaia Tenuta Colombarola

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    The Marsanne and Chardonnay varieties give life to a straw yellow wine with a pleasant fruity smell. Pietragaia is beautifully combined with fish, white meat and soft cheese.


    Luogo di Produzione del vino

    Production area

    Val Tidone: gentle slope vineyard facing the east; limestone/marly soils.

    Vine variety

    85% Marsanne originating from the French region of the same name in the northern Rhône, introduced in Piacenza in the Napoleonic age; 15% Chardonnay (international variety), with a density of 5000 stocks per hectare.

    Grape harvest

    Only when optimal maturation is reached. The bunches are collected manually, accurately selected and placed in small wooden boxes, ensuring high quality standards.

    Periodo e modalità di vendemmia


    The production is limited to 40/50 hl per hectare with appropriate agronomic interventions and, if necessary, a manual thinning of the bunches.

    Metodo di vinificazione


    Soft pressing of whole grapes after short maceration in the press and first fermentation in stainless steel tanks at a controlled temperature of 16-18° C. At a later time, the product is poured in truncated cone vats.

    Colore del vino


    Pale straw yellow.

    Profumo del vino e bouquet


    Piacevole l’apertura olfattiva di frutta leggermente immatura, che ricorda l’ananas, la mela gialla e la pera estiva, con note floreali (acacia/caprifoglio) che si apre in seguito con una complessità di note di piccoli frutti (ribes rosso e uva spina), speziate (pepe rosa e bianco) e delicatamente citrine con leggero sentore di foglia di lime.

    Sapore del vino


    Good structure and richness on the palate, enhanced by a pleasant acid sensation; long and persistent finish, characterised by a perfect balance between good sapidity and gentle smoothness. Aftertaste with an initial return of fruity/citron/honey notes of white and yellow flowers and slight hints of spice. Beautifully combined with fish, it can also accompany delicate white meat and a fine selection of soft cheeses.


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