Storia della tenuta Colombarola. Immagine del territorio

Wine-growing history and tradition

Tenuta Colombarola: a winery nested int the Alta Val Tidone

The Val Tidone is a valley full of history and winemaking tradition in the province of Piacenza. It has always had a strategic and territorial importance, as demonstrated by the numerous castles spread throughout the duchy and its deeply rooted rural economy. The production of wine has always forged the identity of this territory, while deeply shaping its natural landscape. All along the Val Tidone, you can admire lush vineyards gently lying on the hills, from Pianello to Nibbiano, from Trebecco to Castelnovo Val Tidone, from Romagnese to Vicobarone.

The territory of Nibbiano

The ferile soil of Val Tidone

The territory of Nibbiano, supported by nature and a particular ecosystem, has always been devoted to viticulture and is among the most fertile areas of the Val Tidone, where the rolling hills covered with vineyards, stretching as far as the eye can see, are a typical and very suggestive landscapes. On one of these stands Tenuta Colombarola, a winery in the Alta Val Tidone dedicated to the production of French-inspired wine and set in the context of an 18th century estate with 600 hectares of land, comprising woods, pastures and 37 hectares of vineyards owned by the Travini family (of which 30 are already productive and 7 will be in the next few years).

Activities of Tenuta Colombarola

Location and park

The park of Tenuta Colombarola is surrounded by the vineyards and hills of Trevozzo, in the Alta Val Tidone, a unique and bucolic place, where you can relax while admiring the wonderful view.

The park pleases adults and children: it is possible to walk around the pond inhabited by beautiful swans and other animals. Moreover, there is a play area specifically equipped for our little guests.

Guided tours to the winery

We will take you to discover the history and uniqueness of our wines in an exclusive landscape and architectural context: the splendid setting of the Alta Val Tidone. Our winery, hidden in a structure with exposed stones, houses the wooden barrels in which the grapes age. The winery also hosts stainless steel tanks for the maturation of several varieties.

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